Niagara-Orleans Regional Alliance Announces SENECA SOLUTIONS as one of their telecommunications vendors

August 2015 – The Legislatures of Niagara and Orleans Counties have formally approved a Memorandum of Understanding with vendors to develop a rural broadband network with the goal of making high-speed internet access available in every household…..Read More


Announcement – Name Change
April 2015 – We are proud to announce that we are changing our company name from Seneca Telecommunications to Seneca Solutions….Read More


 Seneca Telecom Cattaraugus Wi-Fi Project Enters Phase II 
April 2015 –
Now in Phase II of the architecture build-out, we will address the areas of the Cattaraugus Territory that were unserviceable following Phase I. This phase consists of erecting three tower repeater sites with two completed and one under construction. Expected completion date for all three towers is 8 May, 2015, and will provide for 95% coverage for broadband Internet service on the Cattaraugus territory….Read More


Seneca Nation Bringing Broadband Technology to Cattaraugus Territory

June 2014 – The Seneca Nation is ready to deliver broadband technology to the Cattaraugus Territory. Seneca Telecom, working
with RESOLUTE Partners, will be providing connectivity to Seneca households on the Cattaraugus Territory.
The Nation has been working to bring a wireless network to its members, where no service was available for many years…..Read More