Program Ceiling: The Encore II contract has a 5 year(s) base period with 5 one-year option periods (06/01/2008 through 05/31/2018) with a ceiling value of $12.225 billion.

Eligible Users: Department of Defense (DoD), Military services, Intelligence Agencies, Other federal agencies

Scope: Assist the government by providing net-centric solutions, including network engineering, analysis and support for the acquisition, installation, fielding, training, operation and life-cycle management of components and systems in the operational environments of Combatant Commands and their subordinate components, the military services, Defense agencies, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and other Federal agencies. This includes providing assistance with the procurement of various products, including but not limited to, hardware, software and licenses, as applicable, when such products are incidental to the implementation of the solution. A single solution may be fielded to several sites or across the enterprise. Network analysis and support includes providing assistance with the procurement of services necessary and incident to the protection of the client’s domains and systems to ensure continuity, viability while reducing vulnerabilities of the GIG.

Status: Seneca Solutions is the subcontractor to Data Systems Analysts, Inc.

Contract Website: www.dsaencore2.com

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